The Music

We publish music for a wide variety & combination of instrumentations, to include small orchestras, chamber orchestras, percussion ensembles, small & mixed ensembles, quintets, quartets, trios & for solo instrument with or without accompaniement. These body of works are written in variegated musical idioms, forms, structures, rhythms & motifs.

Rhythms, Movements & Idioms

Consider the delicate structure & symmetrical arrangements of a petal standing on a tall leafy stalk, gently dancing & floating ever so lightly to the tiny movements of the winds, whispering & rustling against the silence of a quiet afternoon. Consider a fading sunset rippling across an undulating mountain stanzas

Music for Small Orchesra

Notes :
A challenging original work in 2 movements, inspired and thematically structured in the idiomatic form & rythmical theme of a traditional African Bafut elephant dance music. A thematic exposition on the variegated forms of polyphony and polyrhythms within Traditional African percussion music.

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