About CWJEF Music Publications
Since 1997 we have been publishing original print music manuscripts & scores on traditional African percussion music, folk music, art & composed music, contemporary music, classical & jazz music for serious study and concert performances.
We publish works for a wide variety and combination of instrumentations, to include small orchestra, chamber orchestra, percussion ensembles, small & mixed ensembles, quintets, quartets, trios & for solo instrument with or without accompaniment. These body of works are written in variegated musical idioms, styles, genres, forms & structures & are idealy suited as performance or study scores or as teaching aids & resource materials for educators, teachers, students, professional musicians & ensembles as well as the amateur musician.

These collection of works, are meant to provide an overall insight & a broader perspective on Central West African music to the student, amateur & professional performer, music teacher, educators and musicologists, who have an interest in exploring, researching, teaching, performing as well as furthering their understanding of the nature, performance, compositional practices & processes specific to traditional, contemporary & composed music from this area in Africa.

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